Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Jebbie Dork

I hope everyone has a relaxing Thanksgiving!  We will be enjoying Cracker Barrel food here at the house and playing with all the critters and watching football.  Aaaahhhh.   

 I know I have a lot to be thankful for and I remind myself of that daily.   Here are a few of those things I'm grateful for ("the family zoo"):

Rick, Suzie and Rowdy Yates

Jeb and Tiger


Rowdy Yates on Suzie's head  :)

Esmerelda (aka Pookie and Fang)

Jeb and Suzie
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mk said...

very nice- happy thanksgiving to all of you too-

marianne, halle & echo bunnyman

Carla said...

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all too. I'm sure Indi would particularly like to say Thanksgiving to 'Fang', Tiger, and Rowdy. :D

Mmm...Cracker Barrel.

Carla & Indi