Monday, August 31, 2009

Beste Von Grunheide "Ziva"

Meet the new kid on the block, "Ziva". It was time to look for that next SAR dog and OTCH prospect. Jeb will be 11 in December and is slowing down. Suzie is 7 and although I've gotten more out of her than I'd ever imagined (and that's an understatement) she'll never be the dog I need to "do it all". She's done some great SAR work and will continue with Wilderness. She'll hopefully get her OTCh and retire from obedience in 2010. Jack the BH is doing great trailing, but he'll be 7 in January, not a spring chicken for a BH. While I believe he could do cadaver work, it would be very hard to get him there. I believe I need to stop working so hard when there's a dog out there that wants to do the work. So, you can see, it's time to look forward.

I contacted a GSD breeder I trust because I've met her dogs, worked with a few of them and seen how successful she is. I wasn't looking for a GSD, but she had two pick females from an April litter that she knew would be all I ever wanted and more. So I figured that was most important and I went and brought me home a German Shepherd of all things. Since I have a truck with "Blutick" plates and my two blueticks in it wherever I go....I've been told no one will recognize me in our minivan (we recently added it as our 2nd car and it's wonderful for traveling with dogs!) with a GSD, lol. Ziva is from a "B" litter, so her formal name is "Beste Von Grundheide". She is the best!


Margot Woods said...

Well, shoot! I guess it's time for you to move on. You have more than paid your dues, but a GSD? Too bad you couldn't have found a good Dobe breeder, then again, some people would call me narrow minded. I choose to think I just made the better choice.

Anyway, enjoy your newest addition.

Paula McCollum & the Blueticks said...

There will be more hounds....gotta have a bluetick puppy down the road. Just got too many hounds right now. :p And of course you think a dobe is a better choice and I'm sure Sanity would agree too!! ;) I had to go with the breeder I knew well enough and whose dogs I knew well enough to feel safe getting a dog from. Suzanne rocks! Her current patrol dog is 11 and just this year stopped doing patrol work (they were in a nasty accident a year ago--he did recert after it, but is pretty much only doing dope work now). I certainly wasn't planning on a GSD but I really wanted the right dog (meaning right drives and abilities) and knew Suzanne could provide me with it.

coyotes said...

OH MY GOSH....Paula has gone over to the dark side! Can't believe it. But that ever a gorgeous girl!!!!!!! And here I was all embarassed that I've been looking at Mals! :)

Good luck with that gorgeous girl, Paula,

Linda, Boone and The Duese

Paula McCollum & the Blueticks said...

I'm playing both sides, LOLOLOL. I'll always have hounds but for SAR I just might always have a nice working GSD too if I don't have a hound to fill that role for SAR. :)

coyotes said...

Paula...can't figure out how to post on Jeb's blog, so just doing it here....congrats on a life well spent, Mr.'ve had a great run with that dog, Paula. I am thankful for the opportunity to have followed your careers with heartfelt interest and encouragement. I feel honored to have known you both. I know Billy Bob is up there thinking...well, better him than me! :)