Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bh Training with Ziva and Ursa

Today was a great outing with Ziva and Ursa and their Bh training.  The trial is just over two weeks away!!!  Ursa's recall has come along and was lovely today!  Her attention is better and she's settling in.  Ziva was a wild child and we are still working on her keeping her butt in when heeling.  I'm just working to keep my German and English commands straight -- Ziva luckily seems to know what I want when I accidentally use the German commands with her, lol.   She's a good girl!  I'm excited to see how they do at practice this weekend.   It's panic time!!!

To do:  looking forward, it is time to finally do Ziva's retrieve.  :p   Her drop on recall is coming along and it's time to get back to jumping.   Fun, fun!  

To do:  Rena's CD training -- she's a bit of a wild child

Below:  Ziva with her find this past weekend -- she loved it!

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