Monday, December 8, 2008


Happy Birthday to my very special momma's boy Jeb!  Today is Jeb's 10th birthday! Below are a lot of pics of my boy, so enjoy.  The one at the bottom is from October--the old boy is looking good!  Enjoy!  It doesn't need saying, but I love that hound dawg.

The top picture is from the day Jeb arrived, he was about 12-13 weeks old and it was love at first sight.  Below are some more pics of young Jeb.  Jeb's breeder and family (L to R:  Isiah, Caleb, Charlie and Dorothy Hildenbrand; Blueticks:  Jeb's Brother Jim, Dam/Mom Sadie, Brother Popeye and Jeb).

Jeb's litter, January 1999.  The one looking up at momma is Jeb, go figure!  Below that is the picture I chose Jeb from, his litter name was Crybaby.  No surprise there, lol!  Below that is Jeb at about 4-5 months with his buddy Ian Kreisle.  Two very cute boys!

Here Jeb is about 14 mo old and waiting to take his CGC test.  That's how it all got started...a simple CGC that we had to pass to do K9 SAR.  :o

Jeb in UKC Novice.   He earned his UCD and UCDX at his first two UKC shows.

Jeb at the October 2008 Boise Show--looking handsome as ever!