Friday, September 30, 2022

We survived a sticky summer and have made it to fall.   This is a super time of year to train your dog outside!  I wanted to touch base and share my new phone number.   I am trying to get my website updated, but it is taking time - FTP issues.   My new number is 828-817-8446.  If you need help within 30-40 minutes of Columbus, NC, I would love to help you with any training and behavior issues.   

If you are into competition obedience or interested in it, check out for class information.   I teach classes there with LouAnn.   It is a lovely facility!

If you were a competition student back in Idaho, I will be working with another student in a week or so to work on remote lesson via your cell phone or tablet.   Stand by!  I have some fun training I'd love to share!

Happy Fall Y'all!