Friday, September 21, 2012

Tomorrow is the big day!   Solstice Hundesport is hosting a WDA Club Trial and I will be showing my Ziva Monster as well as a fellow club member's GSD, Ursa for their Bhs.   I've had Ursa a few weeks and hope she is ready and will look good.  I know Ziva is, she's just full of herself is all.

I took both dogs to Camel Back Park today for work around distractions and they did well.   We have training on the field tonight, so that will be nice.   I'll have someone taking photos and videoing so I'll share pics when I have them.     Below are Ziva's "sights".  I hope she'll have good behavior in her sights tomorrow!

Good luck to everyone competing!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bh Training with Ziva and Ursa

Today was a great outing with Ziva and Ursa and their Bh training.  The trial is just over two weeks away!!!  Ursa's recall has come along and was lovely today!  Her attention is better and she's settling in.  Ziva was a wild child and we are still working on her keeping her butt in when heeling.  I'm just working to keep my German and English commands straight -- Ziva luckily seems to know what I want when I accidentally use the German commands with her, lol.   She's a good girl!  I'm excited to see how they do at practice this weekend.   It's panic time!!!

To do:  looking forward, it is time to finally do Ziva's retrieve.  :p   Her drop on recall is coming along and it's time to get back to jumping.   Fun, fun!  

To do:  Rena's CD training -- she's a bit of a wild child

Below:  Ziva with her find this past weekend -- she loved it!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

This summer has been unbelievable!   It has been difficult to keep up.   Rick and I took Ziva up to Surrey Langley (near Vancouver) in June for a training seminar with Peter Scherk of Team Huewinkl, Germany.  I've taken her to WA and MT for SAR training.   It has been busy.

Right now I have a Scottish Terrier and a Rottweiler her for board and train.   Recently finished up a Havanese (cute enough to die for).  I also have two GSD bitches for training.  One is here this month and I will hoping to get her Bh in a few weeks.   The other is here from CA for me to train and put a CD on.   No shortage of training to do here.   Add to that, Ziva.   She will also go for her Bh in September.   Next year my plan is to get her IPO1 and her CDX and UD.   Of course, our ultimate goals are the IPO 3 and UDX and OTCH.   Now that she's 3 yrs old, I need to get busy!

I'd like to post updates on Ziva and Rena (GSD from CA).   Interested??

Suzie and Jeb are doing well.   God willing, Jeb will be 14 in December.   He's pretty deaf and a bit senile, but demanding as ever which is good.  He had a good run a couple weeks ago and we have proof!  (see below)  He's precious!