Friday, May 14, 2010

The Journey: Jeb

A lot has happened in the last year. I've reflected quite a bit on the last 10-12 years and the journey I've been on. This wasn't a planned journey, but it has been the journey of a lifetime.

It all began in March 1999 when that bluetick puppy I'd always wanted arrived via Northwest Airlines from Chicago, IL. I wanted to name him Blue, but one look and it was Jeb. I had already decided to give SAR a try with him....trailing. He was 12-13 weeks when I got him. His training began at 16 weeks. I still remember his first runaway for trailing and how great he did that day.

I was in heaven, I had a bluetick coonhound. :) The border collie mix I had at the time didn't appreciate him at first, nor did the cats. :o I was in love with that puppy. Who knew what all we would do together, where all we'd go, all we'd accomplish and how much my life would change because of it all.

Jeb and I have driven and flown all over the US together. We've met many people through SAR, competition obedience, professional training. The adventures are endless!!

In the above pic Jeb is in the creek on a hike on Father's Day. At 11.5 he's still my best trail buddy. We'll be doing some nice hikes this weekend....I will post pics.

Stay tuned for more on Jeb, Suzie, Jack and Ziva. For now....below is what hounds do when bored (other than sleep). :p