Thursday, October 9, 2008

Boise Show Day One

It was a looooong day so I'll be brief.  I'd love to post video, etc, but I'm ready for bed!  I left the house around 7am and got home around 6:30pm.  Ugh!

It was also a GREAT day!!!  Carla and Phyllis survived their first day in the ring in Novice A.  Phyllis got her first CD leg and Carla lost out to a judgement call by the judge on the stand for exam.  So darn!  But with Indi being a Weim and so very tough, Carla did AWESOME today!  Phyllis earned a 3rd place with Misti!  Ann and Tiffany both earned CD legs from Novice B.  Both did a very nice job too!  It was a large class but Tiffany and Mica earned a 3rd place with a 196.5 (I think I got that right)!   Sue Foster and her labs faired well.  She earned a CDX leg with Tessa. CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!!

Now my brags.....most of all, I was thrilled beyond words with Suzie today.   She did nice heeling!!!!!!!  Someone from the Eugene show asked if it was the same dog, lol (they were joking -- she looked THAT much BETTER!).  She got a 194.5 in UB and tied with Jeb and another dog for 2nd place.   She heeled nicely in the run off, but didn't win it, so she got 4th place.  I was VERY happy with her!!  Jeb won the 3-way run off for 2nd place!  His run was lovely except the 3 points off for the auto finish on the first go out (almost an auto finish, about half-way between front and finish, lol).  Suzie also qualified in Open B (193) for UDX leg #13!!!  More decent heeling.   We stayed for the match and I played with her and Jeb in the ring with a toy and did a couple go outs and did some heeling.  I'm tickled pink with them both!

Now...time for some SLEEP.  :o 


mk said...

thanks for the update- congrats- and yay! carla & indi- you are so much braver than i am to give it a shot!

andreawilliams said...

wahoo! I am so happy for everyone. Sweet dreams, see you in the morning! HEB