Saturday, October 4, 2008

A quick first post....

Blogging seems to be the thing to do these days so I'm going to attempt it!

I've just finished up a day of lessons and training.   Somehow we managed to dodge the rain!  Each class began with sunshine and we were able to run for the garage to finish up training indoors.  It was exciting at times with the thunder, lightening and pouring rain.  

This morning we had competition practice -- our last one before the Boise show next week.  I'll be sure to post show updates next week.  After that training and a quick lunch break we had basic obedience class.  We are on week three...this is a week where things begin to go from chaos to controlled.  I'll be excited to see how much everyone improves by next class.   Watching a class go from start to finish is the best thing ever!  :)  

We had sunshine long enough to get some work in before the storm hit.  Magically, it cleared up for my advanced class.   We were able to work outside a bit before having to retreat inside at the end to avoid more rain and thunder.  What a day!

Tonight we'll go to a party for a friend that recently earned a CDX after much struggling to get there.  Time to celebrate!

Tomorrow....Sunday....more training!  (and hopefully some pictures to post here)

Stay tuned!


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