Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Heeling

Before the Boise show, I captured some video of some of my students in a recent basic obedience class.  I was very proud of the work they were doing and how far they'd come since week one.  Notice how nicely the dogs are heeling and the absence of corrections.  Happy dogs and loose leashes = happy owners.  :)


Anonymous said...

Charlie was AMAZING!

Margot Woods said...

I just finally had a chance to watch this video. What a lovely gift you just gave me. I felt I had fallen through a hole in time, back about 25 years to be exact.

How watching that class of yours took me back to all the fun and wonderful classes I used to teach. You were doing the very same heeling pattern I was so fond of and even standing just about where I would have been standing.

So need I tell you that I think you are doing a fantastic, wonderful job. Keep it up!!!!!!