Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Eve of the show

Tomorrow is the start of the Boise AKC Dog Show!  I'll be competing in Utility B with Jeb and in both Utility B and Open B with Suzie.  I'm enjoying showing Jeb right now because he'll be 10 in December and it's been quite a ride--one I wish would never end, but it will.  Right now he's healthy and feeling great, so I'm enjoying every day knowing age will catch up with him and retirement will happen.  :(  I love that hound!!!

Suzie has her UDX (12 legs) and a few OTCH points.  My goal with her is an OTCH. However, we have a ways to go before we get there.  So as I polish her up and get her scores up, we'll go for that UDX2.  I wanted to work her a lot before this show, but I'm not sure we've done enough since our last show to clean up her act.  :o These hounds are TOUGH!  But hey, I love a good challenge. LOL  

This year I have a few students competing.  I'm most excited about the two in Novice A.  I hope they have a great time and love the sport enough to become addicted like the rest of us.  ;)  I also have students in Novice B and Utility A. 

Good Luck to Ann, Carla, Phyllis, Sue and Tiffany and to all of my friend Alice's students as well (Alice is who got me and Jeb started in competition.  She has taught me a lot and I'm forever grateful for that!)!  THINK GREEN and QUALIFY!

My plan is to put updates up each day!  Wish us luck! 

For more info on the show, check out  The show is at the Fairgrounds.  The vendors (lots of cool dog stuff to shop for!!!) and breed rings are in the big exposition building.  Obedience is in the smaller building north of there and just outside of that building is Rally and Agility.  Obedience starts at 8am or 8:30am each day and goes until about lunch and sometimes until about 2pm.  The advanced classes are usually first (I have to be there early!).

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mk said...

good luck! and have fun!