Saturday, October 11, 2008

Boise Show Day Three

I have exciting news today!!!!!  We have two new titles!!!!

Congrats to Ann and Watson for earning their CD today with a 2nd Place in Novice B!!!!!

Congrats to Tiffany and Mica for earning their CD today with a 1st Place in Novice B!!!!!

Sue and Tessa are one leg closer to their CDX earning their 2nd leg today!
Phyllis and Misti are one leg closer to their CD earning their 2nd leg today and a 4th place in Novice A!  Congrats to you both as well!!!

Suzie earned her 14th UDX leg!  She scored a personal best with a 197 in Open B for 4th place!!!!  Jeb placed in Utility B with a 4th!

Indi continues to make things difficult for Carla.  I cannot say enough about this young lady and the awesome work she has done with this very tough Weim.  Indi is a doll, but I sure would be challenged showing him and here she is in Novice A with him!!  I'm so very proud of Carla for working so hard and not giving up with this dog -- they WILL get their CD, it will just take longer than we'd like.  They are winners in my book!  

It has been an exhausting show and I'd like to focus more on my dogs, but I love being there for my friends and students.  I hope tomorrow goes well for us all and we get some much needed rest afterwards.

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