Friday, October 10, 2008

Boise Show Day Two

It has been another exhausting day!  A quick recap:  Tiffany & Mica and Ann & Watson both did very nice in Novice B today for 2nd CD legs.  One more to go!  Carla & Indi nailed the stand and recall today and did better on heeling.   Indi broke our hearts getting up on the down stay.  I don't know why the judge had the Novice A dogs in stays with their backs to the busy stands, etc.  Oh well! Phyllis and Misti had a heartbreaker too.  On the sit stay when told to "stay", Misti went down.  DARN!!!!  Tessa (Sue's lab) decided to walk the broad jump today (such a common Open A problem), so we'll fix that.  Tony (also Sue's lab) did everything, but lost too many points for walking a lot in Utility A.  Tony is improved and it's nice he's coming close to Q'ing.   I'm proud of everyone and hate those heartbreaks have to happen to anyone.  We'll get there!  :)

Suzie didn't get a UDX leg today.  It was her day to blooper.  Oops.  I especially liked the drop on the come signal.  I signaled her, looked down and back up and she was in a down half way to me.   Guess looking down (not sure why I did) wasn't the thing to do.  :o  Suzie q'd in Open today.   She's really consistent, but we can't Q all the time.  Oh well, lol.   Jeb got a decent 195 in Utility for 4th place.  All the placings were 1/2 point off (1st 196.5, 2nd 196, 3rd 195.5, 4th 195).  It's nice that 195 is one of our not so good scores.   I like that!

So...tomorrow is another day.  Good luck to everyone!!

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luck to all tomorrow!