Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Dog Day Care Fun!

Monday is our biggest dog day care day at Precision K-9.   The weather was beautiful today and the dogs sure made the most of it!  Indi the weim is a regular and will be at the Boise show this week in Novice A going for his CD (Companion Dog) title!  Go Indi and Carla!!!!

There was much running, playing and enjoying the last week of water in the ditch.  Us humans like it when the ditches dry up (no washing dogs!), but not the dogs.   With the water dropping quickly, it was a water and mud fest!  With room to run, ditches to play in and warm sunshine it was a perfect day.  Here are some pics of the ditch dawgs:


Against Big Brother said...

visit this blog. thank you.

mk said...

hi paula! blog bug got you? :) when are indi & carla competing? would love to go cheer them on-

Paula McCollum & the Blueticks said...

Gotta blog to stay with the times, lol! I'll post about show times so you and anyone else interested can come watch

Holley Pack said...

Love the new blog Paula! I look forward to reading your posts.