Wednesday, March 3, 2021



I am planning to leave here April 12th to head to NC.    I am sad to leave all my wonderful clients.   Please come and train at Lifetime as much as you can before I leave.   I want to see you!


I will be available for email help, feel free to contact me.   Also, if someone wants to, they can keep up with an email list of my people to plan get togethers to train.  Glenda (mentioned below) is happy to host them at her place just off the interstate in Nampa (near Robinson/Interstate).  Of you can plan to meet at parks.   Training together can help keep you motivated.   :)

Keith with Total K9 for one-on-one training help.   He is a great guy.   

Stacey does agility classes (D4 Dog Agility) and is not freaky about prong collars or saying no.   Her info is:  208-484-1665 cell, 208-336-3413 salon (dog grooming)

AnyTime Agility, contact Glenda Ausmus 208-954-9113  She hosts free and low cost open agility practice.   She has a wonderful set up with shelter, shade, space and sometimes drinks, etc are offered.   Check with her.  

There is a Lexi that teaches as well.   She would be another to look up.

MARCH 2021

Sunday, March 7th - 11am - at the building

Tuesday, March 16th - 6:30pm - at the building

Saturday, March 20th - 11am - 6320 Purple Sage Rd in Star (please check day of to be sure - the weather forecast cannot be trusted)

Tuesday, March 23rd - 6:30pm - at the building

Sunday, March 28th - 11am - Purple Sage in Star - this might be the last class.   

Tentatively will have a weekend class April 4th in Star.   There is a chance that the 28th will be the last class.   :((((

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