Wednesday, April 7, 2021

APRIL 2021

 The time has come for me to head to NC.   We leave Sunday the 11th.   I will continue to post here, so keep watch in case I have information for you.   A couple things:

A student with the super nice GSD named Teal'c (Brittany) is going to teach some lessons with guidance from me.   She will make a super trainer!   We all start out at year 1.   If you would like some one-on-one help from her, let me know and I will hook you up with her.

Review the MARCH post for other training info.

Jim started a FB page, Treasure Valley K9 Group (Paula's Gang) - request to join that.   He is going to post when able to get together so you can all still see each other and train.   You can video anything you'd like me to review, help you with or for me to just see how great things are.  ;)   I will continue to support you all.   Email or text.   We can video back and forth.   We can Zoom.   The zoom stuff will take me a few weeks to be ready for.   (week to get to NC and a few weeks to get moved in)

I will miss everyone!  It has been my pleasure.  I am sad to leave you and excited about this new chapter at the same time.   Watch FB and here.   Take care.  Ask yourself "What would Paula tell me to do?"  

LOVE YA'LL!!!!!!  💖

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